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Congratulations to Summerwood's Rebel


Staff member
Michelle, I didn't know you got Shyla from Donna! Donna is a great person...

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
Yep Paige, I sure did.. She lives only about twenty minutes from me! Donna is super sweet, and extremely informative. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with in our process of getting Shyla; and she will still drop me a line to see how the baby is doing; she is so very caring for all of her cats....She's such a nice woman, and has beautiful cats... Shyla is one of Kasbah Wild Angel of Summerwood's babies. (that's a mouthful, lol)
I'm so happy for her! :)

Trish Allearz

I am so happy for Donna! Now, onto a Championship title! (I hate the kitten ring- LOL- because you can't get titles! Yes, I know- I know- you can get points towards regional wins and whatnot).


Staff member
Here is how all the Savannahs placed at this show:

Kittens (total count 18):
Summerwood Rebel SV 1S 5S 4S
A1savannahs Lightning SV 4S 3S 5S
Summerwood Mystic Ria SV 3S 4S
Cats (total count 26):
Summerwood Sassy Selena SV 4S 8S 10S 9S

I haven't heard of any Savannahs at any other shows, but may hear more by tomorrow evening :up: