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Considering a Baby Sling

Lately, Xumi wants to be held so she can take a snooze on my chest/shoulder. I wouldn't mind, except she's really heavy, and she goes completely limp, which means I have to use both arms to keep her there. Which means I can't do anything else. I wonder if she'd tolerate being put in a baby sling? Has anyone tried this?


Haha, I did that with Dante (ragdoll). He is BIIIG...well, compared to any other cat I've had, anyway. He wanted to be held like a baby, with his head on my shoulder and his face in my hair, so we did a baby sling. I can't imagine Duma holding still for that, though.
I think I will give it a try. I don't think she'd like being placed into one, so I'll fashion something myself, like a length of material with velcro straps. I could put it on before she falls asleep. Once she's asleep, I could just roll it up over her and attach the velcro.

If you hear a news report of a Northern California woman who died by wearing a strange garment and hanging a 13 pound exotic cat around her neck, well, it was really nice getting to know all of you :)