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Construction work


Savannah Super Cat
Last week my house was broken into while I was at work. They kicked in the front door. Since Simba can open up interior doors I keep all interior doors shut and locks. Well the knuckle heads kicked in all interior doors breaking all doors and Jams. Must have been very loud. Both kitties were traumatized, took them days to get over it.

My question is this. During the time it takes them to fix the damage (3-4 days) should I board the cats? Or let them stay home. My choices are to let them hide under the bed for 5-6 hours a day while they are here and be in a familiar place the rest of the time or be boarded for 4 days and be scared the whole time.


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I think ours would do best at home. Unless you have some place they are familiar with to board them. We don't and even a familiar room is better for our kids then a strange place. Especially after the trauma. Very sorry this happened to them and you.


Animal Communicator
For me personally, Zeddie would be wherever I would be. She is more concerned about where I am than about the place she is in. She travels extremely well with me, but I personally would not feel comfortable boarding her with strangers.

So sorry this happened to you. People can be just absolutely ridiculous. Poor babies :(


Site Supporter
I am so sorry to hear this.
I'm glad that the kitties are ok, and I hope your home can be fixed quickly.
My boys have never been boarded. If they can safely remain at home, if I were you I would keep them home, especially if you are going to be present while the repairs are being made.
That said, if there is a safety issue, I would board them.


Eddies a ham!
Hope you have insurance for all that construction! Wishing you had a security camera to make the neighborhood safer, or just a huge set of jaws like my King George (English Mastiff trained by Darn Far Ranch)! Hugs to you & yours from the corn fields!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
That's awful! So sorry this happened to you, Mark!

Will you be present at your home during the repair work? Unless your kitties have been boarded somewhere they are comfortable with, it's probably best to keep them at home. If you will be at work, I think I would put them in a large dog cage or crate in a bedroom, since you said all the interior doors and jambs were damaged...I'd put a lock on the crate, too, if you won't be at home while the work is going on. Put familiar items in the crate; blanket or bed, litter box, food and water, a few toys or treats, and cover the crate with a blanket. They might even feel more secure if the cage/crate is large enough to put a box they can hide in inside.

I'd rather see your cats crated or caged during this time, rather than loose with people you (and they) don't know, or risk having them dash out the front door when supplies and tools are being brought in and the ensuing noise of the power tools begins....boarding may be a better option if you cannot be at home with them, too. You know your kitties best and what might be the best choice for them.....any chance you can pop by on your lunch breaks (if the cats stay at your home) or take a few "sick" days?


Savannah Super Cat
I work nights, so I'm going to have to stay in a hotel for the 3-4 days their working on the house because I won't be able to sleep. If the stay at the house I will be able to see them for a couple of hours when I get home from work and the contractors show up. Than I'll go to the hotel to get 5-6 hour sleep. Than I'll probably be with them for 4-5 hours before I go to work.

Neather one of them are door darters. If mocha got out he would star at the front door wanting to come back in. Simba has never darted but don't know what would happen if he got out. There is one bedroom door that didn't get damage because I leave that one open (litter box is in closet) I might just lock them in there. Simba will probably claw the carpet up if left in there once they leave


Staff member
Wow, Mark, I am so sorry! That really is terrible! I think you should leave them at home!


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Can you find a motel that takes cats? Maybe have them at home during the day and take them with you at night? I have never boarded a cat so that would be my last resort.


Savannah Super Cat
Can you find a motel that takes cats? Maybe have them at home during the day and take them with you at night? I have never boarded a cat so that would be my last resort.
I work nights, I'm not worried about mocha, it my savannah that will be but hurt. He's kinda a scardy cat. For example, he is never aloud in my walk-in closet. The few times he has peeked in he is afraid of everything in there. So he doesn't do new places very well. He equally won't do construction. In his home very well either. So it's the lesser of two evils