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Cougar Deterrant?


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Hey all, just thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone has dealt with this before. We have a rather large cougar who has been lurking around our general area, and he seems to like our property/garden as we often find tracks in our beds. We have an 8' fence around the garden. This makes me very nervous as it seems to be more and more frequent. Any ideas on how to deter it from coming around?


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Consult a wildlife biologist in your area for advice. There are liquid cougar repellents you can buy but I don't know if they work. I've heard an old wives tale that human urine deters predators, don't know if that's true. Motion activated lights might help as will cutting back brush/landscape material that provides hiding places.


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Thanks, I will do that. The best thing I've found so far is to hang cans around for noise. Not sure the repellant would work any more than deer repellant does - which doesn't work well at all.


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I have also heard that human urine is a deterrent...
Thanks Patti! I had a local old-timer tell me the same - we're trying that, and we did some extra work clearing out the wild back end of the property where he cuts across. Saving up empty cans for noisemakers to hang from trees.


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Collect all your urine in a container. Water shooting sensors may help too.
All kidding aside, this is a scary situation. The cougar is looking for food and probably considers your property his/her territory. I would not let your savannahs/cats/dogs outside. I watched a show where a bob cat jumped a 6 foot fence and snatched their Yorke. They took provisions and got another Yorke. The owner turned his back for one second and the bobcat got the puppy. We have bob cats and coyotes in our neighborhood. The coyotes have snatched small dogs in the front yard right in front of their owners. We have a caged lanai here in Florida that keeps most wild life away. I ordered lattice fencing to secure the perimeters.
Cougars are much larger and I would not take any chances. I don't think a screened area would hold them back. Call wildlife in your area and be super careful. Cougars have attacked humans. A biker in Washington State got attacked and killed by a cougar about a week ago. Good luck and be safe:cat:


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We have problems with cougars as well living out in the country, but the local wildlife department will usually only get involved if the cougar is causing problems... a family friend had 13 of her sheep/goats killed before the local game warden was able to trap the cougar. I don't think they will usually do anything if the only issue is seeing tracks on your property; however, that might be different if you live closer in town.

Definitely take precautions like you have already been doing. Hopefully without a food source the cougar will find another place to roam.

Here are pics of the cougar my friend had problems with. We set up a game camera once some of her livestock started missing. Not sure if the game warden relocated it or put it down. Such beautiful animals, but very dangerous.
Cougar1.jpg Cougar2.jpg
Thanks Val and Duma, it is scary for sure, we know that it is a big male, and most likely the same one that rushed me last summer. (I was very lucky that Mike was home, and heard me yell.)

Game warden was notified last year, but never came because they were busy with a killer cougar over in La Grande. I know he is taking farm animals, the folks across the street had to get rid of their goats, and the owner of the local store keeps waking up to missing lambs.

We don't ever let the boys out due to all the wildlife about (we have bobcats, foxes, etc), so they are safe! I carry a metal baseball bat around, and stay close the house during prime cougar hours (dawn and dusk). We have music on whenever we are outside for noise.

We are going to put some game cams up, I'll post if we get any footage of him. They are gorgeous creatures!
Thanks all for the responses, we appreciate it! ❤️