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Cougar Deterrant?


Site Supporter
In my neck of the woods, those particular critters present their own unique problem, C(r)ook County has a rabies problem. And the skunks can be carriers
Thank you, yes, luckily the boys are strictly indoor! We are going to seal off where they get in this weekend, if they persist I will call AC and see what they can do.

A bat, seriously? One wonders how it got in, lol, glad there was no harm. Good work, Mayhem! (insert applause here)

SV Dad

Site Supporter
One wonders how it got in
We don't know. We had an inspector come in to find any avenues of entry. He reported we have a particularly tight house and could not find an obvious entry point.
My best guess now, is the bat flew into the garage in the early evening and hung behind the heater. Later at night, I head into the attached garage for a cold drink from the outside fridge (all southern heritige gents have a garage fridge!) and it darted into the house. I have never known anybody who had a bat in the house, so my rough estimate is this is a fairly rare event.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Not sure if Ohio human urine dissuades skunks.
For years I have eaten exclusively salmon, bananas, garlic, broccoli, and asparagus while drinking excessive amounts of coffee. This is the stuff your mother warned you about, the stuff that peels paint from cars and clears coyotes from the adjacent 3 counties in any direction. You're more than welcome to a jar and if it doesn't work on skunks, it makes a fine tonic I'm told.