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Create a server room in a little space...and keep (most) of the cords from being chewed



This is a new project that my neighbor and I finished just a few weeks ago. It started with trying to cover up a hole that Dante would sneak into and then meow from behind the fireplace. Next to my fireplace is a little wall space, and behind that is a staircase. Although not originally set up this way, with a little bit of ingenuity we were able to access the "under the stairs" through a coat closet behind the stairs. I know I lucked out a little bit with the setup, but I bet if you looked you could find some spare space like this, or even build a "curio cabinet" with a door that could serve a similar purpose. Most people don't have as much equipment as I do, but I'm a bit of a geek ;)

Some pictures...

1. the actual server area, with a LOT of equipment: Top row, NAS and UPS; next row, switch and router; bottom row, hd homerun, VOIP, and cable modem.

2. kinda blurry, but it's the front of the closet showing the hole that leads to "under the stairs"

3. the front of the server room, it's actually a built in the wall stereo cabinet containing a stereo and a boxed-up xbox and an HTPC (and a few other things), next to the fireplace (on top of which normally sits the tv, but I don't have one at the moment). To the left you can see the piano and above that is the rail of the staircase.


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