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Critique my recipe please?


Savannah Super Cat
I was wondering if some of the experts here would take a look at the raw recipe I'm using and let me know if there's anything out of whack with it. Ari's a one year old F2, currently eating about 5oz at a time, 3 times daily.

9 lbs ground chicken thigh, with bone and about half the skin.
2 lbs chicken hearts
1 lb chicken liver
3 c. water
8 egg yolks
8000 mg salmon oil
1600 IU vit E
400 mg vit B-50 complex
2 tsp lite iodized salt
4000 mg taurine
4 tsp psyllium powder

Thanks for any advice you can pass on.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Looks pretty good! I wouldn't bother with the psyllium unless you run into some constipation issues. It doesn't have any nutritional value, just keeps your cat regular and the same can be achieved if you just remove some of the thigh bones.

My cat won't do Salmon oil for whatever reason although he'll eat cooked salmon. No idea where that comes from, but I wouldn't eat tomatoes as a child but loved ketchup so much I probably considered putting it pancakes. Smaller fish oils are definitely better, as smaller fish don't absorb as much heavy metals. Krill oil is an ideal replacement.

As many cats don't care for eggs see if they'll eat an egg yolk by itself. If they don't, might want to cut back on them and gradually build up the quantity.

Your recipe actually looks perfect and not much sunshine between where I started. The rest was just dialing things in so the cats would enjoy it and finding out what they have aversion to. They all (3) have varying ideas of what's perfect for them, all with some differing dietary needs but I'm not running some up scale bodega where they can get exactly what they want. I'm close, they all eat their food, but clearly some of them aren't 100% happy about it. The good part is that I no longer have any hunger strikes and I can cope with things off the base diet that one or the other absolutely won't eat.