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Cute Kitten squeeeeeeee


Animal Communicator
My friend is fostering this adorable baby. He was abandoned and dropped off at the clinic I work at. I just had to post a picture because I have fallen in loooooove...and his face looks at lot like Zeddie's when she was a baby.
Here is a picture of him and then a picture of Zeddie when she was 4 weeks.



Staff member
He is so adorable! I met an orange and white kitten at my vet on Tuesday, who was brought in as feral and was not feral at all...he was the cutest, sweetest kitten ever...I am definitely at my limit though :(


Animal Communicator
It's kitten season...he is the second 4 week old baby to be brought into the clinic. My coworker adopted the other one. I'm kitten-sitting this weekend while my friend does a charity walk. I just might "lose" him :p

John Popp

Site Supporter
Definitely kitten season and time to round up some strays. Glad this one has found a home and hopefully we'll find homes for the kittens we come across this summer. Definitely a handsome little guy.