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Damnit! Yeti!


Savannah Super Cat
I'm still feeling a bit bad for what happened yesterday evening.

Normally I do my best not to raise my voice in anger at my furry friends. Yesterday Yeti was being a very stubborn brat, messing with the cables on my old stereo system. After half an hour of non-stop telling him no and nudging him gently away to no avail, I snapped. "Yeti, NO!"

There he sat, with the downcast sad puppy look, not moving, and my heart broke.

After a few minutes he moved away from the stereo and wandered off somewhere while I returned to answering some important emails. When it hit me he wasn't nearby with Paz and Yuki after a bit I got worried.

I didn't need to worry. I called him a few times and he came running like nothing was wrong. He shrugged it off and went to grab some food, and came back happy as always to be petted and snuggle in my lap.

He is so incredibly loyal, even when he is a brat. :rolleyes:


Staff member
Poor little Yeti, so mistreated and misunderstood --- boy does he have you wrapped around his little pinky!!! :roflmao: