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DAY 14


Site Supporter
image.jpg Okay DAY 14.... This is just nuts! Kitty is not vomiting, she is acting like she always has except for semi- dry litter grey color BM'S.
She is using now yesterday's news in litter box. When she steps in she gives me looks of #%* ! As she is flicking her paws one at a time and pellets are falling out from between the pads. BUT AS FAR AS I CAN TELL SHE ISNT EATING THIS LITTER!
Well a picture is worth a million words...... So here it is! Any!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I can't find your last thread on this... but yes if she has not eaten clay for 2 weeks and the poop still looks like that I would be worried too.

A Google search of "cat grey stool" found these as top entries... I tend to think that it is quite likely that there is something going wrong either with digestion or the liver. I don't know if that may have been caused by the litter eating episode...or possibly eating litter was in response to feeling ill from the underlying issue.

I think some bloodwork looking at liver function would be a simple tactic...and ask the vet about digestive issues and what can be tested. I know that Kim Orrell has had to use a pancreatic enzyme supplement with a kitten before, so I know that is an option you could try...


Staff member
Well I can't really tell the what color the stool is in the pic but it doesn't look normal, nor can I tell the consistency since you have smushed it all up for the pic, but I agree with Brigitte - if it still is not looking normal to you (e.g., what it used to look like before the litter eating episode) then I think both the stool and the cat need to be further examined by the vet.


Site Supporter
Thanks for all your ideas and information I will call vet and proceed forward. In the meantime, day 16 first time it doesn't have clay color. Oops will need to post photo separately when I find it sorry.
It's still so very very light in color as though she's not processing all of her nutrients out of it. I don't know the Mazuri feeding directions, but am glad you are working on her with this issue :)