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Day in the life of a SV - my schedule!


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
I'll go first, thought I'd post Shango's Savannah schedule...would be interested to hear your SV's schedule ;).

A day in the life of Shango:
12am - play golf in the hall ways...pawing around the golf ball with great force against the walls, making as much noise as possible. I'm on the Pro tour. Never mind the noise, I'm part Serval and we hunt/play at dusk/dawn didn't you know that?
2am - walk on owner episode, explore the bedroom.
3am - 1st toe biting episode. I'm ready to play! Are you?
5am - 2nd toe biting episode. I'm ready to eat! Will you feed me?
6am - breakfast! eat...
7am - ready to play! Go hunt down my horse whip toy or try to door dart into the rooms they try to keep me out of! I'll make this a game with the owner. I'm so curious!
10am - Serval dancing, where I twist my head in weird ways and begin to bark. My owner can't entice me to do this, I do this at my whim! Peak of play excitement, trying to entice owner to play too!
11am - time to go to bed! Climb in cat tree and take a long cat napp. Dream about lady Servals! Chirp/surprise meow if owner wakes me.
6:30pm - time to wake up! lunch! eat...
7pm - go to bed for exactly 2 hrs! Climb in cat tree and take a medium cat napp. I do this every day to a tee.
9pm - time to wake up! dinner! eat...
9:30pm - time to find some tp, if the owner hasn't closed the bathroom door! He usually does, but sometimes he may forget!
10pm - start to play. Check out the bathtub. Run around like crazy! Then follow owner to bed. Pretend to sleep for about 5 min. 3rd toe biting episode. Then I will go around running around everywhere in the house.

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Umm, I am counting my blessings. My cats all sleep at night. The riot starts at 5:15am. Feed me time.
I have bird feeders in the back yard with a nice bay window and platforms for the cats to sit on. I also put a suction cup bird feeder on the kitchen window. Endless amusement for the cats.
I suspect the cats are on the internet when we aren't home. Sometimes they forget to shut down Firefox, but they always remember to clear their site and return to google.


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
That's good to know. Shango might sleep a few hrs at night, but he seems to be mostly a daytime sleeper.


Staff member
Mine do as as kittens they did not...

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