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Dealing with the bed.. save your sheets (Double your toys)


Savannah Super Cat
I have a 8 x 5 rug (Not a shag carpet and must be decent grade) with a rubber bottom I put on the bed to save my sheets. I like getting these from Lowes since they have cost efficient commercial grade. They love it since they can climb it like a cat tree.

You can put toys on the rug as well like the really small cat climbers. I put those cat climbers in the center, they love getting up higher but I don't have to but the large cat trees which I personally don't like as I cant just put them away if I need too. Also if you buy the smaller ones then every day or week you can rearrange. Also you can take toys away and put "renewed" toys out. I normally have spare toys in the closet that so they think they get new toys but not really.

You can probably get away with a nicer rug. I'm about to throw yet another away since I like to dispose of toys and carpet items after they have had enough "abuse"

Rubber bottom since if some one peed on it then it would not go all the way through and you can see on bottom if some one pees. I don't have that issue but its worth noting.

If you bed is tall enough then you can also put a carpet under the bed so they can play but you can pull out for cleaning.

Shown bellow is the bed with rug.


Staff member
Great idea Michelle, I just had someone emailing me today desperate because her Savannah is tearing up the bed sheets among other things. I will pass this on to her!