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Dear Santa Paws...

Trish Allearz

My name is Jace...

I am a baby Savannah- my Momma says I am a big butt Savannah and that hurts my feelings, but weally- I am just a little fella. This is my first Kissmas (does that mean we get to kiss a lot that day? I dunno) and I was told by the big cuwly fella that I could get a Kissmas present if I've been a vewy good boy. Momma showed me videos of this cool wheel on her clicky-clacky thingy and I was wondewing...

Can I get a cat wheel for Kissmas? I pwomise- I'll be a good, good boy! Pwease?

PS- Santa Paws- this thwead was cweated for all of the other kitties to post their Kissmas wish list too! I can't wait to see what they want!


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Staff member
Ohhhhhhhhhhh we wants a cat wheel too!!!! We are not gweedy boyz, oh noes, we just want
more slumber ball beds cuz sometimes we don't like to share
more of Da Bird cuz wez always breakin' 'em
tuna snackies
shrimp snackies
rabbitz snackiesssssssssss, yum
a custom cat twee, at least 12 ft high with hidey holes & hammocks
a new couch cuz wez pretty much eaten the current one
more more more hyendry toyz cuz wez destuffed the paltry 10 mommie bought us
an F2 girlie SV cuz mommie sez there's too much testosterone in da houz (don't tell daddy)

mommie sez all she wants is a "break". we dun't unnerstand what she meanz by that.....


George's brother
George says will Santa please take that really really scary monster behind the office door to someone else's house. He did not ask anyone for what some people in his house are calling his little brother, I mean really! Ah what is it anyway?


Savannah Super Cat
Kovu says:

Pwetty pwease can I has aaaawwwwllll the wabbit I can eats in one day?
And some nummy Zuke's tweats
Aaaand some mo Fuzzy Caterpillars cuz I eated all the stuffin out of da six dat the boy brought home fur me.
Aaaaaaand I just weally want to play wif dat paper that Ma wraps da boys presents in. It looks so fun and Ma just yells at me to stay off it, but it makes a weally fun crunchy noise when I jumps on it.
Aaaaaaaaaaand I want it to stop waining outside so when Ma makes me walk I can has fun and not get all soakin wet, but Ma says she would if she could. Whatever dat means.
Aaaand finally I want a new house of terror (aka pop up cube) acause I may have eated a hole in mine playing wif Dad last night. I wanted to taste his foot aaaand da wall of da cube was in my ways, so I eated somes of it.


Staff member
HAHAHA!!! You guys are hysterical and Trish is just plain crazy :roflmao: And Jace is, well jace is gorgeous! he can have wut ever he wants...


Aniyah's mommy
My mommy gets all cwazy when I wanna pway with her qtips. Can I have my own box of them pwetty pwease??? Ummmm and a whole bag of dat cheddah cheese she hides fwom me in da fwidge would be GWEAT!!!tri big grin: