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Savannah Super Cat
Careful with the soft paws though!

I put them on Loki when he was 6 months and he decided to get his claw stuck under my wedding ring when we were playing. It acted like a fish hook because they had grown out slightly.

I had one po-ed cat who I thought was going to break his toe doing alligator rolls and biting. Many scratches and bites later he was freed. I do not recommend holding down a cat in fight or flight mode.

Horrible situation that lasted what seemed like an eternity. Just a word of caution :whistle:

SFX Group

Savannah Kitten
I know this is an old thread (i was looking for something else), ive never declawed cats, personally i have found cats with claws grow closer to me, they play and scratch, when they smell blood, they realize they stepped over the mark (i dont shout or hit them in anyway), more stop and let them sniff my (now very scratched) hand, after about 4 weeks, they will play if 1 claw comes out they spring back or run away as they know they got a bit to primal.

I dont mind it to be honest, it shows the trust from me to touch them knowing they "could" shred my hand and they will not show claws when playing (most times even playing aggressive with no claws out as they know its my finger)..

I always found they seem happy to be able to claw a scratching post (i prefer the ones with the rough rope on them, they arnt tempted to use the real wood furniture then), and as its rough they seem to prefer it. This also means when the rope is shredded it can be replaced real easy.
My boys are the same, they understand what 'ouch' means and are usually very careful with our hands. If I get snagged it's because I got in their way!


Savannah Kitten
It hurts my heart to think of what cats go through with declawing. I've found that if you handle a kitten's paws a lot when they're young and get them used to it, trimming their nails is pretty easy. And if I give my cats good places to scratch, they never scratch the furniture. Mind you, I wouldn't chance getting a wicker chair for instance, but regular cloth furniture I've not had a problem with.