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Savannah Super Cat
I am trying to find some advise on having a "den" for Gaius. I need a place to feed him that he is semi contained as he likes to drag his food around. well as I work from home and would like him not to get used to strangers. TIA

Gaius' Momma


Staff member
I used a wire dog crate for awhile when my SVs were first starting to eat whole prey and would make a mighty mess of things. The metal tray is easy to clean. You can cover it with a sheet or towel to give more privacy. Or you can use a regular crate.


Staff member
Well a bird cage is certainly a unique solution! I'm with Deborah - I'd love to see some pics of it in use!! :up:


Staff member
He is gorgeous...I put my guys all in the bathroom for whole prey time...some eat in the bath tub and others on a big plastic mat I put down on the floor in the BR - works great!