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Desperate (and possibly last) Call for Help....


Savannah Super Cat
I haven't been on in a while but for those of you that may recall, I was having issues with an F2 Savannah kitty that I brought home in the beginning of July. He was having Diarrhea and Urinary issues (peeing both in and out of the litter box). Well, it appears the Diarrhea is better. However, he is still hit and miss when it comes to peeing. Our family has literally tried everything (racking up over 1500 dollars in vet / medication bills, using pheromone plug ins, quarantining, having 5 litter boxes throughout the house, cat attract litter, using anti icky poo etc... it appears that this is a behavioural issue and not a medical one as he's had a urinalysis done and culture and sensitivity test and all have come back negative.

Again, he is using the boxes and then out of nowhere (after a few days of using the boxes exclusively) we'll catch him peeing on my daughters bed (today and the bed is in the next room beside two of his litter boxes) and peed also on a wooden desk (right on the wood).

We can't continue to have this occur and have exhausted all options we can think of (as mentioned, quarantined for a week the first time he did this, have pheromone plug ins, using anti icky poo, cat attract litter etc..) It's cost well over 2000 dollars in Vet bills and products to no avail. At a desperate point where we're even thinking of surrendering him (which I really dont want to do... but unless things change may have to).

Please help... called the breeder and waiting for a response.


Savannah Super Cat
just to add... he IS pooping exclusively in his litter boxes... peeing is the issue.

Trish Allearz

Quarantine until he's using the box regularly which means well past one week and then slow reintroduction to the rest of the house. Anti icky poo all of his go to spots. Black light the house.

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Savannah Super Cat
Hey Trish, when he's in the quarantine room he is using the boxes exclusively.... its when he's let out (even a slow introduction that he starts going elsewhere). He's been quarantined for well over 3 weeks total, taking into account the time when we got him initially. He knows where his boxes are... like I said, he's pooing in them without any issue, even when out of his quarantine room.


Savannah Super Cat
I'd assume if it was a location issue he'd be pooing outside the boxes as well...


Staff member
Have you spoken to marilyn about this at all? She may be able to help! How old is he? I do not remember...

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Is he neutered? Could there be outside cats he can hear or smell? This can set off such inappropriate peeing behaviors.....any changes in your furniture, people moving in or out?

Do you have down comforters? For some reason, cats of any breed love to pee on those. Try putting a tarp or shower curtain over the beds.

Any places peed on must be thoroughly cleaned with an enzyme cleaner. Even if we can't smell it, cats still can after cleaning...and will use that spot again.

I successfully retrained an adult male cat from peeing on items by confining him to a large Great Dane size dog cage when we were not around to keep an eye on him. The cage was large enough for a litter box, food and water dishes and a hammock. It took a total of two straight weeks to successfully cure him of that awful habit.


Savannah Super Cat
Hey Paige, not sure if I've talked to her... he's 5 months now. He's bonding well with everyone and even our other cat... its just this peeing issue. Please keep in mind that we do have a family and have tried every reasonable solution we could think of (and all those suggested)... I don't want to have to try off the wall/ over the top solutions...


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Pam...

-He is Neutered.
-It's not spraying its peeing (from what I can tell he's not standing up and spraying his squatting in a traditional peeing position (vet asked same question, and asked what position he was in when peeing)
- no new furniture or changing of furniture since he's been home
-all places peed on thoroughly cleaned with Anti-icky poo (soaked areas several times after several pees)
- he not only peed on daughters bed (yes has down comforter) but also pees directly on a wooden desk (nothing soft on it... peed on desk and hard covered books)
- Again, when confined in quarantine room he's peeing in boxes fine ... so quarantining isn't the issue.... he also pees in his boxes (again we have 5... 2 upstairs and 3 on main floor... got all because of this issue)... also got cat attract litter.
-tried everything people are recommending