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Destroying the house


Staff member
What we all forgot to say was that the most important factor for a human who owns a Savannah of any generation is to have a sense of humor -- because if you tend to take things too seriously, the cat will drive you stark raving mad.


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Regarding declawing.....I am in the opposing camp and I would never declaw a cat for any reason. I have an F3, not an F1, but declawing would not have helped save my home from destruction as her destructive behavior has nothing to do with claws. She constantly knocks things to the ground and bites the furniture to get attention. Yes, the arms of the sofas all have delightful teeth marks in them. Now that she is 4, it is less frequent but has not stopped completely.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I am not only NOT a fan of declawing, I am strongly opposed to it It is cruel and inhumane. It is the removal of the first knuckle of each toe. It is something that causes the cat to be in pain for the rest of it's life.


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Too funny! I agree with John regarding the persistence. Once Loki gets his mind interested in something, there is no dissuading him. Very obsessive.

I come home every day wondering what I will find. Today it was the entire keurig water canister spilled across the kitchen floor, paper towels ripped up and spread across the dining room and foyer, and chewed up q-tips everywhere. He has decided he is obsessed with the keurig and must kill it everyday. I need to start putting it up as I normally do with toilet paper, paper towels, and any sort of box although I'm worried what he may divert his attention to. I forgot about putting the paper towels up last night, that one was my bad.

He destroys roses too. Anytime my husband buys me flowers he will rip all of the heads off and throw them all over the floor. Stems and petals of brand new flowers all over the floor. My husband absolutely loves this :)

Shoe polisher - yep, the covers to this were ripped to shreds, we are on replacement number three.

Anything with water in it - Tipped over and killed, it must be destroyed is his mentality.

Garbage - don't have anything sticking out of it or it will be toast.

Coach purse - um, yeah... I don't care to talk about this one.

Spare bed - peed all over during the time he was having potty issues. Also on an umbrella on the floor, pillows, any laundry, etc. Don't leave stuff on the floor you value. (An incident happened on my husband's favorite leather couch, but was cleaned up before he knew :) )

Husband's shoes - leather was chewed on brand new shoes.

Chargers - don't leave them out. They will all be chewed through and destroyed. I've ordered 6 replacements in the last year. Macbook chargers are especially expensive, watch closely on these ones.

Blinds - all are broken, we've switched to drapes.

Gross toys - he likes to "wash" all of his toys in the water bowl. He takes them and drops them in and swishes them around with his paw to make sure they are nice and clean. He then brings this lovely slobber ball on our bed for us to sleep with.

All in all, he's probably destroyed at least 2-4K worth of things in the year he's been alive, but I love him. If paper towels pissed me off as much as they do for him, I'd probably destroy them too.

He's obsessed with fetch, makes so many cute sounds, loves me, and that's enough. I'll deal with his shenanigans. I'm fortunate that he hasn't figured out the cupboards yet, WW has me nervous now.

Here's the crazy boy:

PS - I would never declaw any of my babies, please research this before you do it. Loki lets me trim his nails once a week just fine, you just have to start early with getting them used to it. De-clawing is cruel IMHO
He is gorgeous Renee - thanks for sharing his savandalism and photo!

John Popp

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What we all forgot to say was that the most important factor for a human who owns a Savannah of any generation is to have a sense of humor -- because if you tend to take things too seriously, the cat will drive you stark raving mad.

Yep, they can smell if you're too serious about life and they can also sense where those possessions that get in the way of appropriate loyalties. They can also taste fear, oft beginning to drool as well as ferreting out every last mechanism to gain negative or positive attention.