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This evening, Diablo crossed rainbow bridge. We are not sure what caused it, he had a perfectly normal check up with the vet two weeks ago, and an active weekend complete with a walk on Friday and catio time on Saturday and Sunday, treats from me this AM, but he went downhill fast today. He had sepsis and was in shock as a result of rupturing his bowel. RIP Diablo, you will always be the best boy, and my soul kitty. See you on the other side my lovey.


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One of his final photos, snuggled with Mike.


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Goodness, so very sorry to hear of Diablo 's passing, it's really awful when it's so sudden and unexpected. Sending much love and prayers to you both, rest in peace Beautiful boy, run free over the rainbow bridge. Your memories of your special boy will last a life time.

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So sorry to hear NikkiA. It's hard to lose these special kitties. My condolences to you and your family.