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Diamond Pet Food Recall


Staff member
Thanks for posting this Paige! Looks like my stock of food is okay, thank goodness!


Savannah Super Cat
My mom just sent me this & I just came to post this! Glad your already on it. Thank goodness our food isn't on the list!

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
Yeah, I saw this too...They sent me an email.....unfortunately my bag was recalled; and my 8 yr old son and myself have been extremely ill.. Also, my Siamese cat was vomiting for two days..:( Shyla and everyone else in my house are ok so far.....but I was on the phone with Diamond yesterday for over an hour..I had to speak with their vet, and their medical doctor they have on staff. Took my son into the doc this morning, and looks like he's about done with his bout of this horribleness...but me....I still feel like crap:(

Michelle Anderson

Savannah Super Cat
Thanks just a crazy thing...I just ordered a new bag of the TOTW and received it Tuesday, then Friday Saki was vomiting all over, and Saturday my son was so sick and had a super high fever.....Then I get an email Saturday night from saying that they believe my bag was affected....nice. But I'm feeling better (aside from some stomach cramping) and he is too, Oh and Saki too.. :) At first I just thought maybe it was just a little stomach flu or something until I talked to the vet, and the doctor....then realized there was something more to it...But almost all better now, and I got refund right away too.....jeez what a weekend! :eek:


Savannah Super Cat
I have two unopened bags at home and one JUST opened bag at my parents house of dry TOTW! I'll have to get them checked immediately!