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Diarrhea, losing weight, lack of energy, wobbly on feet


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Not sure where to start, my F3 is about 2.5 yrs old, purchased from a breeder in IL and has had tummy issues since I picked her up. Breeder was polite, said no other cats or the one other kitten from the litter had any issues . After many vet visits, stool tests, meds (metronidazol, pancur) and food trials for her "drippy" bottom, I switched her to Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck at about 6months and suddenly things were firm for about two years. She recently started having little box issues and accidents, now diarrhea. She was previously tested for Giardia, and TriTrich and recently had another PCR done. Nothing helpful --results did test positive for Clostridium and Corona virus but vet said not that uncommon and not causing the issues. Tried hypoallergenic food and prednisone = instant explosive liquid diarrhea. Tired slippery elm, probiotics & fiber (psyllium) on the GP&D, worked temporarily. The diarrhea is now getting worse and she is losing weight, trying to feed her whatever she will eat, including boiled chicken breast which she used to crazy for. The vet again said to try the prednisone, won't eat her GP&D food now, she found and tore apart the hypoallergenic food bag two days ago so figured at least if she's eating we'll have to make do. She's wobbly on her feet and I'm at a loss for what to do. Yesterday won't eat anything on her own, will eat the boiled chicken if hand fed. She's an indoor cat, no other cats or pets in the home. We had a visitor dog for a few days over Christmas but their interaction and contact was very little.

Desperate for suggestions. Going back to vet again this afternoon. What can they test for? Blood tests? Xrays? Ultrasound? Could it be IBS or IBD? Maybe TriTrich? Do I get Ronidazole and try it? We tried raw ground turkey when she had her kitten issues and no luck with that. I simply don't know what to do for her. I'm in SoCal and saw a post here about a Dr Reese towards San Diego, would be almost 100 miles one way for me but would go if a second opinion is my best bet.


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I think though that immediate care is of the utmost importance right now...she needs fluids ASAP...I would take her to am emergency vet...or another vet...ultrasound would probably help as maybe they have missed something...I would not give her any medication for TriTrich, unless she has TriTrich...I don't believe in giving meds with without a diagnosis, as that can do more harm than good...

First, you have to get her fluids and then go from there...sounds like she is very sick right now. I would take her immediately to a vet or ER vet.
Second Paige's recommendation- get her to a vet asap. At this point, she needs to be stabilized versus worrying about what next. Then- I'd probably treat for tritrich if she was stable. Unless you've done the test for tritrich like Dr Gookin recommends, I would be skeptical of results since you are still seeing diarrhea.


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Thanks for the comments. We were at the vet Monday night and going back today. I realize they can hydrate and inject fluids but I am looking for some advice to go to the vet with as daily trips to hydrate is not a long term solution. Until the most recent issue the vet's thought was food sensitive, IBS or IBD and if the GP&D food worked stay with it. The food is not working now.
Maybe the message is to find a new vet.


Savannah Super Cat
Has this cat had a corona titer and blood panel? This may be more than parasite related? The "wobbly" has me worried! I is expensive but I would do a complete blood panel which includes a viral screen and a PCR of the stool which will screen for everything else.


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Thanks Kelly, this is very helpful. Will definitely make sure a blood panel and corona titer test is done. Will schedule ultrasound as also suggested. I have read where the corona virus can lead and it scares me. Most recent PCR was about a month ago. She's drinking water and eating boiled chicken breast today but weak, tired and getting skinny. I have also made a second appt with another vet for tomorrow AM. I like my vet but a second opinion can't hurt. I just want her to get well. It's hard enough to diagnose people and they can at least talk and tell you where it hurts.

Per Lausund

Staff member
I´ll second the second: rehydration is the only thing that matters, a dehydrated cat just goes into a decline and dies. Fast. Or slow, if the kidneys fail. Force feed water with electrolytes if you have to, but rehydrate! Indifference, no appetite, wobbly: they can all be explained by dehydration, so fix that first!
Some cats have chronic diarrhoea, your´s hasn´t: two years without shows that. Treatment should include 36 hrs without food, but lots of drink and electrolytes, just to let the intestines regenerate, and antibiotics. Energy needs you cover while rehydrating with ringer acetate or equivalent (oral or IV, just get it in!). And rehydration is not about drinking, it´s about drinking a lot: both to restore fluid levels and flush the system. When you have a rehydrated cat, see if all the problems are still there, and get a good vet to find out what causes them. In principle, I agree with Paige, diagnosis first then treatment, but sometimes you are in a hurry: do the tests, treat broad spectrum while waiting for results.
Good luck!


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She is staying at the vet, most likely overnight. They are hooking up IV catheter to rehydrate, I'll check in with them later tonight before they close. Hoping she doesn't get her energy back and freak out before she's had enough fluid! Will take blood in AM, do full panel including GI panel and urinalysis. They've recommended I wait for blood test results and will then refer me to an internist for the ultrasound.

Hopefully this sounds like a fair plan to the group here.