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Savannah Super Cat
Ive noticed flat, clumpy stool in my cat's litterbox. It's probably occurs every other day or so. He also poops typical as well.

His flat stool is what I am assuming diarrhea. It is not bloody nor is it splattered anywhere on the walls of the litterbox.

I did switch his food, but that was months ago. I believe he's been on his current food for about 4 months (at least)

I'm planning on feeding him a little less. Also, I provide a scoop of raw, ground turkey every night.

Any suggestions before I take him to the vet?



Staff member
My Encyclopedia of Poop considers flat clumps to be soft stools and not diarrhea. LOL. But, you should take a fresh sample to the vet for a full PCR. It could simply be his system adjusting to the variety of foods. It can take a long time for that to happen. Three of my SVs can eat everything and one gets tummy upsets from the slightest change. One time it took him a full year to get over it.


Staff member
I don't know if he's ever been on antibiotics before, but you might try giving him some probiotics for a week or so. It helps re-balance the flora of the gut and can resolve diarrhea issues. On the other hand there are some foods that just don't agree with kitty tummies well. I had a diarrhea problem with Evo, once I changed brands the diarrhea resolved.