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Diet change?


Savannah Super Cat
Will getting a kitten in two weeks! The breeder is currently feeding her raw ground chicken with bone. I am not yet sure i want to buy a grinder and continue this diet. If I feed her commercial raw chicken will this be similar enough that she will eat it or will this cause issues? I have read it is best to continue the kitten's current diet in the beginning.


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
I'd think it's fine trying to do commercial raw chicken (no bone if you don't want to grind) and maybe add some supplements (e.g. Ca, taurine, etc - lots of good info on this board - how much, what, etc...). Even cut up into small pieces and not ground should be fine. It may take her 1-2 days at first to begin to pick up an appetite (both of mine were this way first few days). During the first 1-2 days, I even fed them a bit of cooked chicken which they liked better. In my case I just wanted to get them fed and not see them not eat or drink... That's a normal, new owner reaction :)

They continued to like raw chicken for another 2 months in my case... dj


Staff member
Buy a good vitamin supplement such as Mazuri. Mazuri has two types of supplement -- the slab meat version is the one you want if you are not feeding bones. It contains calcium. You should also feed some organ meats with the chicken and feed thighs and legs rather than breast. The dark meat has higher taurine levels which is an essential amino acid for cats. You can find chicken hearts & livers in the grocery store. Go easy on the liver -- it should comprise only 5% of the total meal.

Anatole Cannon

Crazy Cat Man
Deborah gave you some great adivice. I will also say that you don't need to grind the food at all, and to me, it's safer and preferrable that you DON"T grind it, so that you don't mix all the surface bacteria into the entirity of the meat. I just blanche (drop it in boiling water for 30 seconds to cook only the outside) a thigh or drumstick or whatever piece you are feeding, and give it to them with the bone in. They will gnaw the knuckles and leave the bone they can't eat. It's best for their oral health if they can gnaw the meat.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks everyone. I will look into Mazuri and other options. I find all the food options a little overwhelming right now!