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Diet for one cat but not the other


Savannah Super Cat
We free feed our cats and when we tried anything else, they won't eat the food when it's placed assuming because they want to eat whenever they want.

At the vet we were told that Titan is perfect, a prime example of health but his sister is a pound overweight and chubby. Titan was told to continue his diet but his sister needs to eat less.

Do you have any suggestions or tried and true methods of making sure one eats less? Any time I refill the food bowl, she'll come running and start chowing down for a while no matter what and if I try to distract her away, she'll have none of that and go right back to the food bowl.

I want to make sure Titan eats the same amount but she eats less. I've tried targeting her only for more play but I think she may be eating more if she expends more energy.


Staff member
You may have to separate them for feeding.

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John Popp

Site Supporter
Prescribed and monitored feeding times, separating the cats. What they don't eat in 15 minutes you'll need to put away or toss. It definitely can be pretty trying and currently each of our cats have different dietary needs as well as portion sizes. Trying to stop the bowl jumping is definitely a real chore.

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Savannah Super Cat
Hmm, is there a way to help facilitate actually eating the food when I give it to them? Titan refuses food when I give it to him at a certain time. He only eats when he feels like it and oddly enough I found he doesn't like eating when people can see him.


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If you start feeding them on a schedule, they may adapt to the routine. If Triton doesn't like to be watched when eating feed him in a private space. It will be impossible to get your other cat to a healthy weight if you free feed.

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Savannah Super Cat
No more free feeding and keep schedule feeding until they adapt. I over-worry that he may not get enough food if he just continues to refuse food placed for him but try separately in a private corner of the room.

thanks for all the suggestions!