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differences in my cats


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i'm the current owner of 3 savannah cats. Each are awesome but I thought I would share my experiences for future owners.

we have a f6 female. 2yrs old. She was extremely shy at first. literally she could not be touched for the first 4 months we owned her and she was a year old when we got her. it was unreal and we were discouraged a few times but WOW she turned our amazing. Total lap cat now. She has the most savannh cat traits out of my cats. Plays fetch for hrs, very dog like. haha.

a f3 female. 8 months old and extremely affectionate. Hate to say it but this is the most importain cat in my life. She came to us with a bad rib defect that doesent seem to effect her at all. She is in great health but just seems to attach to humans an blows off other cats.haha. doesnt like to play alot but loves to be affectionet. wants to be petted constantly. Loves water and drinks out of a pint glass

f2 Male. He is badass. 8 months old and weighs close to 20lbs. Very serval like face. Not into being peted yet but he is showing signs. Likes to hang out with us just not ready to be touched

Just wanted to share my experiences with these cats and express how much I love them....


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Sounds like you have quite an amazing variety of Savannahs, and they had found a wonderful home with you!


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Wow Rick! Sounds like you have an amazing group of savannah cats!

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They really are "amazing". I'll add some pics soon. They are actually hard to photograph because they hate to stand still. haha. Can't wait to add a good pic of Max. He has one of the most serval looking faces I've seen on any savannah cat. All three of them have there own look.

jungle boy

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That's a very nice assortment of kitties and some AWESOME success stories with your girls Rick! Sounds like the perfect little feline family! I would LOVE to see PICS! Oh, and Happy New Year! ;)