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Different sounds and pitches

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
So I know from being around other pet owners and from watching youtube video's that most people make sounds with their pets. Whether it be clucking sounds of different variations, humming, or meowing. I know for cat's it's better for your voice to be a higher pitch, and for dogs a lower pitch. Well with Sabriel whenever I meowed at her (which I did successfully with my two previous cats) she would just look at me really weird. I tried different variations of clucking to kissing noises with my mouth and she didn't seem to like any of those either. Between last night and tonight I've been trying different humming/trilling noises and I think I've found one that she responds to really well (ironically to me it sounds similar to a dog whining) but it's really high pitch. Whenever I do it she'll come to me and rub against my legs. I'm wondering if she'll keep doing this? I've seen youtube video's of what servals sound like and it sounds nothing like what I'm doing. I've also never heard a cat sound like this... So why is she responding so well to it?

Anyone else have good reactions to different noises to get them to engage?


Staff member
I think every cat (not just Savannahs) is different, and whatever works for Sabriel is fine to continue since it triggers a positive response from her. :)


I talk to my cat a lot, in my deep male voice. Sometimes use a falsetto, but can't say that it makes any difference. He always responds to his name, and sometimes I exaggerate the vowels in his name and use a sing-song voice when I say it. Sometimes I get down on his level when I do this and then he head butts me and gives out a loooooooong chirp/meow. His voice is more like a chattering/stuttering cross of a chipmunk/cat sound, and he brushes back and forth against my leg with his head cocked and puffy tail while he does this. One of these days I'll post a video.

Keep at it, and one day she'll respond. I think that it's what they get used to. If she "loves" you then she'll want to hear your talking voice, and will respond to it.


Loyal Servant
I use different tones with each cat so they get that extra distinction when I'm calling or talking to them.

I trill at Anubis and he will respond back with a trill of his own. (he trained me well) He's very vocal, that was, until I got my first SV. Anubis always needs the last word. I will catch him just walking around "muttering" to himself all the time aka talking smack. I will ask him if he's talking smack, he will look and trill at me and go back to muttering on his own.

Ra is silent as the grave. He chirps, yowls, hisses. He doesn't meow or make any other sound. It is only in response to a need. He chirps when I get home, when he's hungry, yowling when he's calling the other cats to play from another room. He hisses when he is playing, which throws us all off even to this daym and he will growl when he is not in the mood. He also doesn't have the ability to purr audibly, so when he gets real excited besides the curling claws and head butts, he vibrates if he's sitting still and breathes extremely heavy through his nose. Putting an ear to him, he's purring alright.

Isis my SV has gargles, yowls, dolphin clicks with her throat, purrs, and normal meows. She'll alternate pitch depending on what she wants and it's funny when she will meow then gargle and purr in different sequence.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I caught my husband talking to Missy my F1 in a very high-pitched voice the other day and laughed at him...until he explained. Missy originally hated JN with a passion, she is my cat and loves me with a passion but being an F1 hates with the same passion. Over the years, she has accepted JN but he says that if he talks to her in the silly high voice, that is when she is very friendly and gives him rubs and fluffy tail. Not as extreme as if I talk to her but close. He's delighted, it was huge for him that she eventually accepted him. He had to be very patient for years to achieve it...


Savannah Super Cat
Nyah always responds to her name. She will come running from wherever she is for me and my husband. She doesn't really meow, she yowels and barks, she chirps every now and again, and makes a hissy noise. She has a purr that rattles walls! She is very, very vocal. You can have conversations with her. She is also quite sassy and talks back and yells when she doesn't get her way!


Animal Communicator
I have a "Zeddie voice" that I always use...its what I think she would sound like if she were human :p
She responds to that voice (but my parrot also mimicks it, which makes things interesting)

John Popp

Site Supporter
I sing like Barry White to Chongo and then he goes looking for our girl Pixie. Strangest thing ever.