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Savannah Super Cat
lol i think drumsticks are a bit big to give whole. should try chicken necks or wings.

if you do boil it then make sure he doesnt get any cooked bone. its ok to eat when raw but cooked bone gets brittle and can make sharp shards when broken.


Staff member
If you are feeding drumsticks feed them raw, or debone them before giving them cooked. Realize that a cat will usually drag a drumstick around the house with it, so you might want to feed him in a carrier.


Savannah Super Cat
Haha thanks for the advice. He loved his chicken! Then wouldn't leave me alone when I ate my own chicken. So spoiled!


I grind my chicken up bone all makes alot easier for them to eat and not make a mess. Also if your going to go all raw and feed nothing but chicken legs you need add a vitamin suppliment like wildtrax (which what I use) But I feed many things each day of the week. One day taste of wild next day raw chicken next day raw beef. Next day 9 lives canned. I try to mix it up so they never bored eating the same thing.


Staff member
Using just chicken legs as an all raw diet is just not a good idea...chicken thighs, leg quarters, etc...and ground with livers/hearts...there are many threads on this subject here.