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Dino Ridgeback Mohawk

John Popp

Site Supporter
Just a quick phone picture of Dino's Mohawk when he is happy to see me after work. Better photos to come.

Does your SV do something similar, please share some photos?

Also, pretty convinced this is totally for aerodynamic purposes and to provide stability at speed. The puffed up tail creates some drag so the ass end doesn't cut loose and the ears are generally facing outward to create lift so he can jump into my arms.

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All 4 of mine do it -- when they're happy, when they want loving, when it's mealtime, when they play with us and each other, when they're scared. I love the ridges:in love:


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Rafiki does it first thing every morning. Hubby is rather against my taking photos as he is usually attempting to get into the shower when this occurs!


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Jax does it when he's excited. Be it us coming home,,,,playing with zoey,,,getting fed,,,,,any time his tail is puffy,,,he has the ridge on his back.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
My F1 Missy does it anytime I speak to her... also when she's playing or excited or happy... but it seems just my voice is enough for her. She's a silly cat :)