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Django, my 8 month old F2


Savannah Super Cat
Hi everyone I haven't posted any progress pics of Django so I thought I would share. Django's a great cat, but we have had to deal with a few health problems along the way. First it was the runny stool (ended up being clostridium perf), and then it was coughing (ended up being mycoplasma, which is being treated). However he has always maintained a playful and loving attitude and a healthy appetite. He sleeps on the bed every night by my feet and is a total purr machine.

His birthday is March 6 so he just turned 8 months. Weighed at the vet at 12.7 lbs last week (not sure if this is low for an F2 at his age)

Well anyways here are the pics!

As a 12 week old:

As an 8 month old:



Savannah Super Cat
Nice, He really has a regal bearing about him. Glad to hear he is progressing well with his health.