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Do I get a kitten for my kitten to play with?

alicia griffin

Savannah Super Cat
Hello! I finally decided on Henry for my kitten's name. He is now 9 1/2 weeks old and wonderful. Plays happily and is loving, friendly, and curious to all my visitors and my Pomeranian. He has been here 2 1/2 weeks now. I think he has bonded with me already. He follows me around and sleeps curled up under my chin. I was wondering if I should get a DSH kitten around his age for him to play with. He seems happy enough but I know kittens like playing with each other. If I do that, will he bond with the other kitten instead of me or will the bond be shifted over, so to speak? Do you other SV owners get kitten playmates for yours?

Thank you!
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Site Supporter
He has such an expressive face!!! I love his color and markings.

I did the two kittens and both are bonded with me, but I think it's a different bond that they have with each other. Also a new kitten will bond with you in quarantine. There is some sibling rivalry for my attention.

When it's finally quiet time they will both come and snuggle up with me, give each other baths, give me a bath. If I am not available then they snuggle together which saves me some guilt when I am trying to get things done around the house. Watching them play, eat, and sleep together warms my heart and brings me joy. Watching them figure out how to flush the toilet and get the lid open, turn the faucets on, open cabinets, and remove the sink stopper still makes me laugh and I try harder to figure out ways to keep them safe. Lots of duct tape. And what one doesn't figure out the other one shows him. Lots of play sessions and thinking up new games for them every day helps.

It's double the kitten, double the mischief, but double the love. :)


Staff member
I think it is usually a good idea for a kitten to have a companion, especially if you work during the day or otherwise have to leave him alone for any length of time. I have Highlanders as well as Savannahs and they are perfect companions for each other.

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