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Do I have a Savannah?



Hi All,
I'm very excited to find this forum of cat lovers. My husband and I got our cat Malachi after he was rehomed by a military couple that was moving. We were told he is an F6 Savannah and 6 months old. No papers.

He is a handsome, wild, loving boy and we will love him even if y'all don't think he is in fact Savannah but I wanted some more information about him! Our vet couldn't tell us much.

IMG_1638.JPG IMG_1672.JPG IMG_1756.jpg


Site Supporter
He sure looks like a Savannah. More experienced folks on here should be able to help.

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Savannah Super Cat
I'm just a cat owner/lover, and not a breeder, but whatever he is, he's adorable! :in love: The roundness of his head reminds me of my Bengal, but the ears look all Savannah. He's very photogenic, and I can't wait to see more of him! ;) Welcome to the forum!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Hi and welcome! It's possible your Malachi is a Savannah; if you were told he is an F6, then most likely an F6A, meaning one of his parents was not a Savannah. Like Mrs. CC said, I do see some Bengal influence with his round eyes and shorter legs. He does have some decent size to his ears, though!

He is a very handsome boy and looks very personable and fun loving :)


Staff member
Welcome! hard to say and I second what Pam and everyone else has could be he is an 6a - that would explain his "look" - he is adorable!

John Popp

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I'd be surprised to learn there isn't some Bengal there and to a lesser extent some Savannah. Definitely a charmer and keeper no matter where the DNA comes from.

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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
As people have said, the ears are the trait that make Savannah possible, but Bengal heritage seems more likely from all his other traits... he could well be F6 though as that can mean something as little as theoretically 1.625% Serval heritage leaving ~98% other influences (in the case of F6A).

In reality, there is no DNA test available so he is what you say he is :)

And he's very cute!


Savannah Super Cat
He is a cutie! I am not a breeder, just a recent convert to the SV breed, however, all the time I spend on this board is doing something as I see a lot of Bengal in that little face. I am recognizing the shorter legs, rounder eyes and face. As others have said, it doesn't really matter what he is because he looks like a handsome bundle of fun!