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Do Savannah's have favorite toys, even when 2 are identical?

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
I have noticed with Elsa, that she likes her "BLUE" mice better than any other color mice, and it does not matter what shape they are in (brand new, or torn up)... If I throw a blue and any other color mouse together, she will always go after a blue mouse.... If I throw 2 brand new mice that she has never seen or smelled and one is blue, she will always go with the blue, so that throws the scent idea out of the picture.


If she is holding any other color mouse and I pick up a blue one she will drop it immediately. If she is holding a blue one she will only drop it if I pick up another blue one.... All the other colors she will play with, but the Blue Mice are her favorites.​


Savannah Super Cat
Tink always wanted 1 particular red mouse. I bought every red mouse I could find and she ignored all, she only wanted that particular mouse. When I finally found the same brand, and bought the colors they now had ( not red) she was happy and played with them. Sue


Animal Communicator
Awww Elsa has her favorite colour! :rolleyes:

Zeddie's favorite are wand toys...currently she loves a little pink thing I got from Petsmart and put on a fishing rod.

About 5 years ago I fostered a Border Collie named Maggie. She loved the colour pink. I bought her all kinds of toys, but she would always pick the pink ones. I also dog sat, so Maggie found a place to stash her favorite toys so she wouldn't have to share. When I found the stash, I found every pink thing we had...including my mom's pink cell phone :roflmao:

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Sounds like we have a unique group of pets here... RIght now while reading this, Elsa has dropped her mouse beside my computer chair and sitting down patiently before the next toss.... The Blue mouse of course.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Awww. Kilifi does the same thing John. Not ONLY her meeses, but her paper balls, catnip fishes and anything belonging to Regie. ;)