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Do servals groom themselves often?


Savannah Super Cat
I looked around and did not get any great answers. My f6 Grooms herself constantly. f3 sometimes. My f2 not much at all. We were wondering if that is common with earlier generations and servals or if its just random.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
One of my F1s is insane about grooming...herself and any other cat that will lay still and let her groom them. The other is not so obsessive. I have an F4 that is constantly grooming yet her daughter is not nearly so. I tend to think it is an individual cat trait...


Staff member
has nothing to do with EG cats or servals...many cats groom or DSH grooms himself quite a bit...sometimes stress causes them to groom often...anything stressful going on?


Savannah Super Cat
I don't think theres any stress at all. she just loves being clean haha. Just thought there may be a connection with the earlier generations grooming less. thanks for the replys.


Savannah Super Cat
also we have never had a hairball from any of them.
I wish I could say that. My Himalayan hacks up some. My F3 does and it really stains the rug. I have wood floors through out the house and they have to find a rug to hack it up. I think they get better traction on the rug.