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Do you reckon this is a scam....?

Rebecca Coy

Savannah Kitten
Hello my dear ,
Thanks for providing good answers to my question this alone makes me know that you will take good care of my kitten . I am so happy that you
are interested in my male savannah kitten Duke and i hope that he will be going to a great home because my main priority is to get him the best
place where he will find peace , love and attention.The cost of delivery is $160 to have him deliver to you home address and you
will be paying these money upfront to the shipping company so that you will be rest assure well you are sending your money to. So my dear, in order to make a successful shipping arrangement for him , i will
like you to get back to me with the following details that will be needed to get him home:

Your Full Names..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your State /city .........!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Full house address..........!!!!!
Your Phone Number..........!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Zip code..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Nearest Airport..........!!!!!!!!

Once you make available these details, i will get everything together including his toys, crate and other accessories and his paperwork and
then register him at the delivery agency then the agency will contact you on how to make payment to them . I have attach some of their pictures the male is Duke and the female is Teddy .
Have a nice day

Rebecca Coy

Savannah Kitten
To be fair she did say in first email, then I can collect it, but she lives like in Alaska and I live in Kansas city!,,, but she probably knew that as when I first requested information I told her that!,, well I've asked to speak to her over phone as I'm aware of scams,, so I'll see what she comes back with?..


Staff member
As I said - this is a scam...if it sounds too good to be true, it almost always is...the words the person in your post used are red flags...

it is always best to buy from a reputable breeder...

Rebecca Coy

Savannah Kitten
Yeah I want to try to catch them out now though! That asn website has so many on there, go on there click pets, cats, and there are
Loads of scams, surprising that the site hasn't found this out!,,