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Does your cat attack your clothes?


Savannah Super Cat
Jengo seems to love to eat the strings on my hoodie - which wasn't much of a problem but now he thinks he can eat the ties on my bikini's/shorts...while I am wearing them :confused:

The other day I leaned over to nose kiss him and he jumped on the bikini string from around me neck - this is not a good thing for someone who spends half of her life wearing things that tie up some how.


Staff member
Yep - mine do the dame thing...I think most cats will go after anything dangling, so best tot ry and keep those things away...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I remember a few years back trying on a lovely dress, it was so cool and had a thick band of feathers around the hem of it. The salesgirl was gushing about it, and all I could say was "It would be a really great cat toy!" and knew that if I wanted to have this dress, it would have to live in the garage and I'd have to change in and out of it in there! LOL!


Savannah Super Cat
LOL! I have a full feather hot pink/fushcia mini skirt I bought last summer and eventually used for a performance and for a Halloween costume the moment Jengo found it he was also in love with it, not for the same reason ofcourse.

The other day I went to go practice for an upcoming show and for practice I generally just wear bathing suits because I get bottoms off season dirt cheap (some for .99) so I was walking off to go practice and I felt a tug on my hip and turned around and there was Jengo trying to eat the side ties! LOL! I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe now! (Lucky for me he's afraid of fast moving humans on apparatuses so stays out of my way during practice.)


Savannah Super Cat
All three of my girls are string junkies. If I am Wearing sweatpants with a string around the waist I'm always on guard for them randomly jumping and clinging to me. When I'm folding clothes I think it's been taking me twice the time to get it folded because I usually wind up with tegra or ascari attached to something. To them it's the ultimate game lol. And shoe laces make it virtually impossible to wear shoes in the home, they just love it.
Xumi eats my pajamas while I am sleeping! I had to throw away my favorite pj pants becasue there were too many holes in them. Holes the size of silver dollars. She likes to sleep under the covers with us, and I guess she gets hungry during the night. There are also holes in the sheets and blankets.