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Does your SV have a self-imposed bedtime?


Staff member
I was still working when I got the first 3 SVs and my bedtime was 10 p.m. They adapted to that. Atticus learned from the other 3. Every night, 10 p.m. on the nose, all 4 go to bed. Last night I was playing with them -- waving a feather wand in one hand, throwing a toy for one to play fetch with the other hand, rolling a catnip toy around with one foot and all of I sudden I'm alone. Just like that. Abandoned.
They all went to bed as usual. It's like someone unplugs them. They are out cold. I can turn them over, pull their legs & tails, lift up their eyelids. Nada. It's kinda spooky.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Both my girls crash from about noon till about 5. Then again Sometime at night. ( I am always asleep when they go down, but they get up at about 5:00 AM...even when I want to sleep longer. ) They do nap a lot too.


Site Supporter
Must be nice, WW! Rafiki most certainly does not have a self-imposed or servant-imposed bedtime. She was most upset with me last night for crashing early. Fortunately Jammu was there to chase and torment.


Site Supporter
Not only that.....but if Rafiki by some miracle ever lies down and closes her eyes, she bounces right back up the moment she hears me move.


Savannah Super Cat
Turbo and Targa do. I go to bed at 10pm, and read/catch up on social media until 11pm, at which they come in, and snuggle up right by my head... One time(it's a rare occasion) I started up to midnight, and they were crying at me, and sleeping near me until I crawled into bed. They adapted themselves to my schedule. Smart little babies! :in love:


Staff member

No one has a set sleep schedule in my home, including myself, although the kittens seem to conk out about 11pm, but they'll be up in a flash if I come into their room.