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Dog attacks boy, cat attacks dog



You forgot the rest. Stupid people euthanize dog instead of euthanizing stupid owners and rehabbing dog.

Uggggh. Love the cat, for sure, but this stuff makes me sick.

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
I missed the euthanized dog part... Bad... And waiting 10 days... The Owner should take the dogs place.


Animal Communicator
Anytime a dog bites a human they have to undergo a 10 day quarantine for rabies. Depending on the circumstances, the dog is then euthanized.

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
JC: the 10 days probably has to do with a rabies check.

I knew about the Rabies part... I was referring that the stupid owner should be euthanized instead of the dog. The dogs owner is the responsible party.... But that cat sure did a good job... I would like to see a video of the cat throwing out the first pitch however... I hope some news agency gets that one out.