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Dogs with Cats?


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Everyone, how has everyone been?

I have been doing some research on my own and figured I would come here to ask for your input.

I recently lost one of my dogs after 11 years. She was my beagle and I miss her terrible. I did not think I would get another dog and am currently fighting the urge. My other senior dog Rocky I would like him to be spoiled for the remainder of his time.

In saying that, if I do get another dog, there will not be two. This dog would need to not only get along with my 5 cats (3 savannahs, 1 chausie, 1 rescue) but hopefully be a play mate and vise versa.

What kind of dogs does everyone have that get a long with their cats and play time? I keep coming back to a puggle type dog.

Thank you for your input.


Trish Allearz

I've seen doxies be best buddies with svs. I would only start with a puppy, but I think they make good buddies.

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Staff member
I had an Australian Shepherd who did well with the cats after the appropriate introductions. I lost him a couple of years ago and am planning on getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy in the next couple of months (born 12/9).

Trish Allearz

You know, to be honest, I think any breed of dog raised up as a puppy with an indoor cat will do just fine. I think it's more important to find a dog that matches your lifestyle because dogs are quite an undertaking.


Staff member
I don't have a dog, but most of my kittens have gone to homes with dogs and they all get along well - didn't matter what breed...