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Savannah Super Cat
Oh my goodness! I just found I had a free trial of DogTV on my cable so I turned it on to see what it was all about. My cats have been GLUED to the TV for over an hour!! Hahhahahaha

It's mainly just nature with sounds effects and dogs walking etc....but they are enthralled!


Site Supporter
Our Savannahs like Nat. Geo. Wild , but the male will sometimes run to the Big Screen TV jump up and slap a deer or a bird running or flying across the screen , he has even looked at the back of the TV to see if there are some animals in there, we have been very lucky he has not scratched the screen. Go to youtube on your PC and bring up jungle cats, ect. and the sounds alone should get your nosey SV to the PC.


Savannah Adult
My Freya goes completely insane when I watch cat videos on youtube. The rescue give me a lot of dirty looks, because I watched a TON of cat videos before bringing Freya home, but Freya doesn't have that association. No, she hears kittens mewing, and goes bonkers trying to figure out where they are.