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Domestic Wildcats Sells Sick Kittens - - Domestic Wild Cat - Taran Nolan


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I'm very sorry to hear about your loss of Luna and your struggles to get Lelu healthy, but glad to hear that you have finally overcome your issues with giardia and thankful that you have found a reputable breeder and ready to take the plunge again - please post pics of your new kitten, and Lelu as well!


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I'm so sorry to hear about Luna! It sounds like lelu had tri trich? That usually resolved on its own in two to three years, although the cat will always be a carrier. It's a shame this all happened... Thank you for sharing...

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I just wanted to let you know we had the same problem with (Taran) in June 2014. We adopted two "Savannah/Jungle Cat 2.5" kittens, both were females, one was a snow and the other was the typical Savannah brown color. At the time, they were 12 and 8 weeks old, from two different mothers, same father as yours. We took them to all of their vet visits, got all of their shots, but they came home sick with parasites and Giardia. The Giardia was very difficult to clear up and also very contagious, thankfully none of our other dogs or cats got it, but I did! By the time our snow cat "Luna" was 5 months old she had emergency surgery and had cancer throughout her entire body, same as your cat. There was nothing they could do so we had to put her down, we too were heart broken! We also fought the Giardia for over two years with our other cat, Lelu, with other medication and diet because we were worried about giving her the typical medication to treat it because there was a possibility of causing permanent brain damage and after just losing Luna, we didn't want to lose Lelu too. Most research said that the cat's body would rid itself of the disease on its own by the time the cat was around 2 years old. Lelu is now 3 and I am taking her in this week for another Giardia test to make sure she no longer has the disease. This is important because we don't want her to pass this disease onto another kitten. My husband and I are finally ready to try and adopt another Savannah and have put down a deposit, from another reputable breeder, on a real male F2B Savannah kitten. I have been following this breeder for a year now and know she is the real thing. I have done my homework on Savannahs and know that you get what you pay for. Therefore we know we really want a legitimate F2 Savannah and we are willing to pay for a real one. I am sorry you had to go through the same thing we went through and I wish there was something we could do to get them shut down. They are still in business and still selling "sick kittens". At the time it happened to us, Taran gave me some story about her sister having to watch the kittens at her farm because a family member was really sick or had just died and that is where they got the Giardia. She also said the cancer was a "freak" thing and did offer us another cat or a refund and we took the refund because she didn't have another "snow" at the time and that is the whole reason we went to her to begin with. We were only going to get the one until we got there and then my daughter talked us into getting Lelu too. We never met Jimmy and we met Taran in a parking lot, which looking back was very odd, but she said it was because her house was a mess because she had just got back in town because of the illness or whatever.
Has your cat ever been tested for tritrichomonus Foetus (TF. Tritrich). It is often misdiagnosed as Giardia and Giardia drugs will not kill it. There are a few threads here on it. I had a kitten with it and posted. It will come and go, foul odor and cow pie stools. Good to hear that you have found a reputable breeder. If it is who I think, you will love her kittens. I got my second Savannah from her after my first sick Savannah crossed the rainbow bridge. Holly is now 2 5, very healthy, very friendly, sits on my lap most mornings.