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Drinking Fountain



I bought a cheap plastic water fountain made by Whisker City, just to see if Louie would "take to it" or not. Of course I don't see if he goes to it when I'm not around, but the water level is not dropping much, if at all. I don't know how much water a 15 pound SV should drink daily. He is still on a 100% kibble diet, until the jury comes back on his water consumption with the "temporary" fountain. If the fountain doesn't get him better flushing action in his urinary tract, then I will positively go with a wet diet, either raw, canned, or by moistening his kibble. If anyone has feedback on these ideas, I'd appreciate it.

If I crouch next to the fountain (which is right next to his food), wet my finger and put it next to his muzzle, I can usually get him primed, and then he'll come and start drinking. Usually I have to leave my finger in the water stream for him to continue drinking. Sometimes, as I slowly withdraw my finger, he stops drinking.


Savannah Super Cat
I'm looking for something that's less maintenance and easy to clean.....there is so many to pick from and not cheap in price. I want to make sure to make the best choice!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member

I got this one recently at Petsmart... a lot of the fountains my cats will dismantle, this one is surviving plus is easy to throw in dishwasher and clean. The other ones I have in the house are all the Drinkwell Platinum which have bigger reservoirs and are not too hard to pull apart and clean but are plastic...

I'm not sure how much each cat drinks each water consumption is complicated here by there being a beagle using them too!


We purchased a pet fountain for our cat we had prior to the Bengals and SV. She had gotten to the point she would only drink from a running faucet and being elderly started having a hard time jumping up to the sinks. She loved it. We replaced it with a larger Drinkwell Pet Fountain as we got the Bengals and SV since we had more animals drinking from it.

We have never had problems with the cats dismantling it nor dunking their toys in it. But then again, I think we have pretty tame Bengals and SV compared to others. :big grin: While we know all three cats use it, the only one that is so loud while drinking we hear it downstairs is our female Bengal. I think she is even louder then the dog. :eek:

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
As with all behaviors we see in our Savannahs, not all Savannahs do ALL those things. Each one (in my experience) seems to take on a "special" ability... whether it is knocking everything off shelves, shredding toilet paper and paper towels, opening doors or dismantling fountains. Of course sometimes they are over-achievers and have more than one "ability"...

You are either lucky that your cats aren't interested in working out where the sound of the pump motor is coming from...or you were fortunate in your choice of fountain. Baz dismantles most fountains except those Drinkwell ones I mention above (while he did dismantle the 360 stainless model). I've gifted the ones that didn't work out to people including new kitten owners and their babies have been perfect with those fountains.


Staff member
I have two of the glacier points and they are by far easier to clean than any other fountain I have ever had...and I have had probably all of them at one time or another...

What is great is that the kittens have been drinking ouit of the Glacier Point fountain now for two weeks ;)

Also, please remember that Glacier Point is one of our sponsors...