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Dropping toys in the water


Savannah Super Cat
My 7 month old boy is constantly dropping his toys into his water. The problem this is causing is that the toys quickly get stinky. I have to wash them constantly.

Is this normal?


Site Supporter
Is there anything truly "normal' about our Savannahs? ;) Rafiki water boards her toys all the time (along with full rolls of toilet paper, socks, etc.). Her large rat toy has been water boarded so many times we now call him Sewer Rat. We need to keep the toilet lid down at all times - unfortunately, the hubby is as difficult to train as the cat.


Staff member
Yes this is pretty typical behavior for some (but not all) Savannahs. My biggest worry has always been bleeding dyes, but hopefully the cat toys we purchase are all made of non-toxic materials.