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Early Spay/Neuter

At how many months did you spay/neuter your savannah(s)

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Staff member
Just wondering what everyone thinks about early spay/neuter...I would like to try and dispel any myths and just discuss it...also there is a poll to answer to add to the fun!


Animal Communicator
Zeddie was spayed before I got her. One of the vets where I work seemed to think that it is horrible to spay that young, but I was happy it was done before I got her...I really didn't want to go through the whole process and then have to keep her quiet


I voted 9 months and later because I am a breeder and all of my cats eventually get spayed or neutered at some point.


Savannah Super Cat
Usually the kittens for pet homes are spayed/neurteured around 12 weeks.
I think it's important before they go to their new home, to make sure it's done before the maturity.
It's a respect to other breeders to do it also.

Makes me tink of some crazy request for non-strerelized kittens, or they prefer to do it at their own vet later, or "i give you cash money right now and you give me a 5 week kitten" :eek:
I had a vet in Central CA that wouldn't do it before 5 months, so all my boys got neutered at 5 months.
It really doesn't hurt to let them mature a bit first- I actually prefer to spay/neuter right around 6 months (for my own cats- SugarCookie, for example, is going in to be spayed at 9 months). BUT I don't think the pediatric spay/neuters are harmful. My real fear is bringing home bugs from the vet office. Young kittens are more susceptible to the ickies- URIs, ringworm, etc.

BUT on the flip side- I've found even my favorite, best-est, homes can tend to put off the spay/neuters even though they are under contract to do it by 6 months. So having it done before going home is just one less stress on the new owner.