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Eat your heart out Buck Rogers (Cat furniture)


Savannah Child
I recently designed/fabricated a couple pieces of furniture for my cats (Mainly out of necessity) and thought I'd share with hopes of inspiring you to think a little outside the norm on your next build.

The tree stand happened by chance when I found the large dead log at the end of my street. The perches are just cookies cut with chain saw from the bottom of the log/stand. The entire log was treated with Clorox bleach (which actually lightened the color of the wood) then smoked over a fire for 6 hours to ensure no little critters where living inside. I hosed it down a few times to remove any bleach residue and allowed the log to cure for a couple months. A large block of wood for the base and some rubber backed carpet finished it off.

The rocket ship (which is currently still under construction) was a little different story. Pandora (my Bengal) recently took to using me as a launch ramp. In the mornings when I'm in front of the vanity mirror, she runs up my back at mach speeds and jumps from my head to the cupboard we have above the toilet. It happens so fast I haven't been able to break the habit. I also have a bolt of cotton artist canvas she loves to climb/scratch so I figured maybe a higher perch was the answer.

A friend of mine found these pieces of lumber at work and the idea was born.
Since my cats are out of this world.....I'd make em a rocket ship. :p
Still have a little construction/painting left to do but the cats love it none the less. The inside is unfinished pine and the entire rocket is covered with the artist canvas my cats like to climb/scratch and they love it!

Anyhoo.....thought I'd try and inspire you to think a little outside the box when it comes to your cat furniture and I'd love to see what you guys have made/purchased in the past. Cat furniture thread anyone? :)


Staff member
That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing...feel free to start a cat furniture thread...oops...I think you did :eek:


Savannah Child
:) They were actually a lot of fun to build but the real enjoyment comes from seeing my little friends climbing all over them. They really do thoroughly enjoy both scratching posts. I'm actually quite looking forward to watching the rocket change with age as the cats eventually shred the canvas. (which is inevitable) That being said, it is a very heavy canvas and quite resilient to cat claws.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
LOVE the trees you created! Very nice workmanship....the rocket rocks!

I agree I see a custom cat furniture business on the horizon :)

Permission to share your pic with my sister? She loves seeing great and unique ideas for cat furniture. She has 6 cats, but no Savannahs...yet ;)


Savannah Child
Thank ya kindly good people (Appreciate it my friends) Please feel free to share till your little hearts are content.


Site Supporter
Fantastic - incredible work! Thanks for all the info. I am planning on having a medium size tree limb installed on to my bedroom wall. But now that you have enlightened me on how to treat the wood, I will re think it all. I was hoping to use birch, love the texture and color. What is your opinion would it need to be cured? Since I don't have a shop or an abundance of tools I tend to lean toward redoing vintage luggage. If I had the room and tools I'd be right with you, I find thinking inside the box somewhat boring. Sky is the limit!!!!!

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Wow. Now that took some precision cutting! I'm impressed and in awe of your craftsmanship.

Not to mention that I'm sure the cats appreciate it as well!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
The rocket ship is AMAZING! So creative and yet still practical for the kitties :)

The other tree I love, I love those things... when Nadiya was going to her new home this past weekend the guy was enthusiastically telling me how his friend had a great tree branch and he was all eager to start working on a cat tree... when you have access to that kind of wood it is really great when you can do this!