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Eating Feather Toys!!


Savannah Super Cat
So I got little Simba home last night YAY!! So exciting! I've quarantined him in a spare bedroom and he's slowly but surely coming around (still hissy toward the kids... although he's rubbing etc.. while hissing so I'm assuming its not a truly negative hiss). That being said, he seems to love wand toys except has completely destroyed the two I purchased. He goes directly for the feathers and consumes them (literally). I initially attempted to take a feather out of his mouth when I saw it happen (the only time I actually did) and he ran off and swallowed the feather... I've since removed the feather toys. Should I be worried?? He seems OK, but I dont want something to happen with his digestive tract etc.. if these feathers don't pass through properly. I got the toys from a big chain pet store (Petsmart). I'm hoping they are genuine feathers and not synthetic (may be dyed not sure).


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I think if he keeps going poo, he will be fine. Bowel obstruction would be my only concern. I am sure the toys have no harmful dyes. BTW, I use the same ones and one of mine will groom the feathers. No bad effects. So just make sure it passes through.


Site Supporter
Feather and fur toys, as well as anything with string or wire goes immediately into the sealed toy box after play. Feathers, string and wire can cause problems if swallowed. The fur isn't such an issue except that if we want to play with the toy a second time it must be put away.


Savannah Super Cat
Put the toys away when you are done playing.

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