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Echo, gaining confidence.

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
He looks great! I love your cat tree!!
Picked it up on craigslist for $100. They had it custom made from the people that do the Enchanted Forest Trees. Wouldn't fit through the door, so the cut off the base as far as they could and it still wouldn't fit. Have had to reassemble and repair lower portion, so only about $200 in to it, which was a steal. Unfortunate for them, but my babies love it. It's 8 1/2" tall by 4'X4" base. Still have more repairs to make, but it's coming along.


Staff member
Oh, such fun to see him again. What a treat. Every time you post on his progress, it makes me happy. And damn girl, you scored with that tree. I paid around $1000 for mine 4 yrs ago.