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Eco-friendly Savannah?

I've only had Nailah for about two months now and in that time she has successfully turned off my desktop computer TWICE, the xbox TWICE, my laptop, and a small lamp (she knocked this one over lol).

She is very vocal when the window is open "moooooom, you're wasting energy..."

She's going to make up her cost in electric bills, I'm already convinced.. ;)


Staff member
I just saw this post, rylie...Zuri turns off my computer, printer and many other techie items every day when she steps on the power strip I have them in...she is trying to tell me something ;)

MK Anderson

Consider yourself lucky that your kitty is just SHUTTING things off! This is how my F1 tried to save us energy! (And this was a brand new computer!)
Oh, i remember this, lol! Keeba like to turn the light switch on and off by our computer desk, lol


Staff member
LOL, MK...imagine working on your computer and poof...everything goes blank and you lost all your work...naughty savannahs ;)
OMG, Trish...who did that and what did he/she do?
JillyBean got into a spat with Cole or one of the other kitties- they were running around like crazed lunatics, hit the computer and SMASH- down it went! The noise was horrendous! It was one week old too. LOL.

Thankfully, when Hubby pestered me (love him- but he is too into new technology- but then, I'm too into the cats- hahahaha) for a computer like this (computer and monitor are all in that one screen- which is a touch screen for the kids)- I told him ONLY if he put a warranty on it. So they actually came out and fixed it for free. Thank you, Dell!


Staff member
Wow - were you lucky!!!! OMG - one week old? i would have died...that is the only problem with macs...3 year warranty on everything, but no extended warranty...