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Elsa 100% From the Doctor...

John Campbell

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Early this morning, Elsa browsed around on the Internet and watched a few Videos, but did not spend as much time as usual on the computer.

Elsa went to the vet today and they were very satisfied with her progress and says she is 100 percent recovered. The vet even called in the other Vet who helped save her life and it was great...
Elsa-1.JPG Elsa-2.JPG
Elsa and Jake watched TV and laid around a bit this afternoon, they are getting along great.
Elsa even got a little romatic with Jake and gave him a Kiss... (On the Lips no less)
After the Vet visit, Elsa was a little tired, so she took a nap... Covered her up (She loves her pink blankets.).​
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