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Elsa 6 Months Old Today

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Elsa has come a very long way, and had a period of Hard Time.

She was born on Dec 2, 2013, 3 Weeks old in this picture.

At 6 weeks old

At 2 months old she arrives home, and the first thing she did was to check out a camera and has been in front of one ever since. At this time she weight 2.11 pounds.

02-Feburary - 1.jpg
As many of you may remember, Elsa had a near death experience. Thanks to all the prayers she had a very quick recovery.

Becoming quite a lady at 3 months old

4 Months old she has really starting to show off. Making all sorts of faces.

5 Months Old

And today she turns 6 Months old.... It is amazing the growth that she has had...

Elsa now weighs 7.35 lbs, over 3 times weight in 4 months.​

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
You've come a long way, baby :) (Anyone else here old enough to remember that catch-phrase? Of course I can't remember what product it was from).

Happy 1/2 birthday, beautiful Elsa :) May you have many more!