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Elsa Developed 2 New Hobbies Today

John Campbell

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Staff member
Elsa relaxing under GrandMas Kitchen Table on a Chair... Nice Comfortable Hideout
Elsa-4.JPG Elsa-5.JPG
A new Hobby for Elsa.. Bird Watching
Elsa-2.JPG Elsa-3.JPG
Another Similiar Hobby is Squirrel Watching...
She really wanted one of those Birds or Squirrels.​
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SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Elsa's nephews lose it when a squirrel or chipmunk gets on a window sill. Looks like a family trait.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
LOL. John. Elsa is quite the little cutie. Looks like a huntress in training... I forsee dead birds as future presents. Well, if she has access to outside, that is.