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Elsa Getting Ready for Christmas

John Campbell

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Staff member
Elsa-dec2014-01.JPG Elsa checking out the Christmas Gifts

Elsa-dec2014-02.JPG Received a box of packages, and Elsa found the box very interesting Elsa-dec2014-03.JPG and it has become one of her favorite places... YSC_0079.JPG
Elsa-dec2014-04.JPG She is quite the Helper when it comes to helping me Decorate the tree Elsa-dec2014-05.JPG and making sure that every Christmas Ball Elsa-dec2014-06.JPG and ornament Elsa-dec2014-07.JPG is hunt in the tree with care

Elsa-dec2014-08.JPG This after noon we took a TV Break and we watched "Lions and Hippos" on TV.. She really enjoys Big Cat programs...

Elsa-dec2014-09.JPG Elsa-dec2014-10.JPG
Else has also discovered a new place to relax... On top of my Surround Amp that is located about 6 feet off the floor....​

John Campbell

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Staff member
Glad you are able to spend the holidays together. Any word on the new home?

I am glad too..... As for the house it is moving slow.... They know that if they don't make a decision soon, that I am going somewhere else. I have already started looking at other houses. I cannot continue to do this, even though I really want that house...


Staff member
Ugh, how frustrating! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get the home of your dreams!!!


Savannah Super Cat
She is really getting big. She is so, so adorable. Did you tell her not to jump at Santa when he comes down the chimney? Good luck with househunting. The right one will come along in the right location and at the right price. Hope you and Elsa have a good Christmas.


Staff member
Wow, John, elsa is getting so big...and sooo beautiful!!!

Hope all gets settled for you soon - living in limbo is not fun...